I'd rather read a very long book all about Iceland's mythology

— feeling confused
Thief Eyes (The Bones of Faerie Trilogy) - Janni Lee Simner

This book was just too strange. I have always wanted to travel to Iceland, so a few months back I researched "books that take place in Iceland," and this was one that came up. It sounded intriguing enough, but after only 2 chapters I couldn't want to just be done reading this book. The one good thing about the book was how short it is, so it didn't take very ling to get through it. The content and story line was pretty bad though. It seemed like the author wanted to incorporate Icelandic mythology into an adventurous kind of novel, but in this case she failed. There was too much fantasy and paranormal to even be considered a good book. Too much focus on the visions and voices Haley hears throughout the book, and what was with her male companion turning into a freaking polar bear? I'm giving this book 2 stars because it was pretty bad...